Mutton Raan Biryani Cut 12-15 Pieces

Cut from the thigh, Special Lamb Biryani Cut offers bone-in and boneless pieces.
Manufacturer: Al-Barkaat
₹ 1,090.00
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Also popularly known as Raan, this unique biryani cut also includes the shank pieces from the lamb. The marbling present in the Raan helps enhance the strong flavour of the pieces. They are cut by expert technicians for easy cooking and are a perfect fit for your special recipes.

Leg pieces are ideal for slow cooking as the low temperature tenderises the meat turning it juicy and succulent. Hence, these pieces are a perfect choice to make a delectable Biryani.

Once cut, our meat is fat-trimmed, cleaned, and hygienically vacuum packed.

Licious meats are temperature controlled at every stage between 0-4?. This ensures that the meat is chilled not frozen for freshness.