This cut of goat is perfect for slow-cooked curries and stews.
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Cut from the forequarter, our Goat Shoulder Curry Cut offers both bone-in and boneless pieces. Since shoulder meat is tougher, it needs to be cooked for longer - Whether roasted, stewed, pressure-cooked or braised (pan-fried and then cooked in liquid, like for a curry). These methods allow the meat to tenderise slowly, leaving you with juicy and delicious pieces of meat. Enjoy dishes such as Roasted Goat, Goat Curry, Goat Stew, Rogan Josh etc.

Our goats are raised on Licious-approved pastures and are the right age and weight for perfectly tender and succulent meat. The meat is free from antibiotic residue and well-rested. Our mutton comes from government-approved partners and is cleaned in RO purified water because special cuts deserve special Nakhre.

Our Goat Curry Cut - Shoulder is hygienically packed and vacuum-sealed to preserve its freshness. Order mutton online from Licious and get it delivered to your home.